From what we’ve seen of INFINITE’s dorm which is located in Manwondong, it wasn’t anything near “Big” Their rooms were “Teeny” and since before debut, all seven members had shared one toilet and bath in their old dorm. They personally said that whatever is said from inside the dorm is heard by fans from outside the dorm as well. Leader Sunggyu also commented, “Unlike other groups, we don’t have a lady who helps us clean so we have to divide the chores amongst ourselves.”

INFINITE further stated that Woolim Entertainment had promised to award them with a new dorm only if they had won 1st place on a music program.

Meanwhile, INFINITE has proven their talent by winning not just once, but twice in 2 consecutive weeks on MNET Countdown with hit song “Be Mine.”

***Congratulations INFINITE! We INSPIRITS are so delighted for you guys.***

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Hello People, the name is Ella and I'm 15 years of age. I live on a tiny island in The Caribbean. Also if you are wondering, then I'm actually from East Indian decent. My biases are: INFINITE Sungjong, JYJ Jaejoong, U-KISS Kevin and SHINee Taemin.

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