Ahead of time, a 1:09 teaser of “In Heaven” featuring Junsu and actress Song Ji Hyo was revealed:

Approximately 4 days from now, JYJ’s 2nd studio album “In Heaven” is expected to be officially unleashed to the public for digital download on September 15th. However, as of September 23rd, “In Heaven” will be released in CD form.

The album contains 10 songs in total including:

1. Get out
2. In Heaven
3. Fallen Leaves
4. Boy’s Letter
5. Mission
6. I.D.S (I Deal Scenario)
7. Pierrot
8. You’re
9. Nine
10.Nameless Song Part 1

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Hello People, the name is Ella and I'm 15 years of age. I live on a tiny island in The Caribbean. Also if you are wondering, then I'm actually from East Indian decent. My biases are: INFINITE Sungjong, JYJ Jaejoong, U-KISS Kevin and SHINee Taemin.

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