Both U-KISS Kevin and Dongho sat down to have their “shots” taken. To calm his nerves, Dongho began nervously singing, “Lalalalala” while he squeezed his eyes shut and took his injection. Kevin on the other hand, tried his best to remain calm even though the distinct look of “FEAR” was smudged on his face. He was asked by the MC to sing “Neverland” while getting his shot. Kevin sang, “Kkeuteun eobseo Never end-end eh-eh-eh IAAAOOOOOOWWW” which ended in a scream. Two more shots followed with more screams.

**XD Aww poor Kevin. Why’d he have to get 3 shots? Be strong Oppa!**

About KpopBoybands

Hello People, the name is Ella and I'm 15 years of age. I live on a tiny island in The Caribbean. Also if you are wondering, then I'm actually from East Indian decent. My biases are: INFINITE Sungjong, JYJ Jaejoong, U-KISS Kevin and SHINee Taemin.

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