“Deliberations” is the process a broadcasting station undergoes to determine whether a song is fit to be aired. KBS has determined that two songs in the album In Heaven –Mission and Pierrot – are not fit to be aired. All other songs, including In Heaven and Get Out, have been deemed fit.

The stated reason for Mission is that it contains swearing– “so fuck off, no more talk.”

The stated reason for Pierrot reads: “A personal attack– Properly p.s.m. (This is the English initial for President. Lee Suman.) A song that has personal grudge against a particular person.”

The lyrics for Pierrot is as follows:

I am your Pierrot. Really, it is so funny.
I give everything to you. It becomes rot, my mind.
In front of my eyes, our bros.
Ahead of money there is nothing, completely you are a pro.
Properly, p.s.m.

This is nothing short of comedy for at least two reasons:

(1) KBS for some reason has divined what the term “p.s.m,” which has mystified the JYJ fans for months, actually means. Apparently, it is “initial” for “President. Lee Suman.” Aside from the atrocity KBS commits to the English language, the term “p.s.m.” holds no particular meaning on its face. Unlike terms such as CEO and USA which have established meanings, there is no agreed or accepted definition at all for the term p.s.m.

(2) Pierrot is more than a song on personal grudge. For instance, it also speaks to the current inequities and the exploitation rampant in the Korean entertainment industry. However, even if it was a song based on a particular personal grudge, that is not a legitimate reason to censor the song, especially when the person is a public figure.

As for Mission, we know that the song does contain “fuck off, no more talk.” We were not aware that K-pop was so squeaky clean. Let’s see if KBS is consistent and similarly censors all other songs which use or allude to the dreaded f-word.

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