**When they are so humble, it brings tears to my eyes. T__T**

Named JYJ, their CD was released about a year ago. Following their worldwide album [The Beginning], they released their first official Korean album [In Heaven], but the JYJ members have yet to appear on any music programme. For that reason, the 3 members – Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun – have been thirsting to perform on music programmes.

“We want to appear on TV. Please help us (laugh). [Music Bank] and [Inkigayo] feel just like foreign music programmes. We’ve already released a Korean album, so it should be able to show up on the ranking charts.”

This album was also rejected twice by distribution companies which made it hard to even get out. As such, the JYJ members’ biggest wish is to be able to do activities within the country.

“Firstly, we’re Koreans, so we hoped to be able to do activities within the country in favourable conditions. It was really sad that despite all the response from overseas, we were not able to have the chance to release our music in our own country. A lot of fans have been waiting for this album, so we’re happy that we are able to release it. Even now, though it would be nice to say things like ‘We hope our song gets number one; we hope to get the big prize’, we do not have such an anticipation. We just want to have fair and equal opportunities and be able to perform on a music stage. We are confident. However, because we are not given such an opportunity, it’s hard.”

JYJ, who have been garnering attention through their solo activities in dramas and musicals this year, plan to focus on their activities as singers for the second half of the year. [Photo = C-JES Entertainment].

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