(SuJu)Leeteuk: Do you have any kinds of fights in the dorm?

Dongwoo: In fact we don’t fight. More than fighting, everyone is tired after coming back from schedules, and we throw about our dirty clothes and our dirty socks. Nobody takes the initiative to clean up, and so we’ll get angry.

Leeteuk: Who is the most dirty?

Dongwoo: Me.

Everyone: Haha, really.

Sungyeol: In the past Dongwoo-ssi and I were rooming together, and he said we’d keep everything in order, but he threw everything around, and didn’t once comply with his agreement.

About KpopBoybands

Hello People, the name is Ella and I'm 15 years of age. I live on a tiny island in The Caribbean. Also if you are wondering, then I'm actually from East Indian decent. My biases are: INFINITE Sungjong, JYJ Jaejoong, U-KISS Kevin and SHINee Taemin.

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